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State Farm is a large group of insurance companies throughout the United States with corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois.


Tell the world why State farm insurance sucks!

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Current Employee - Claim Associate - Express says

"Some level of discriminations due to race and sex. All they care about is metrics. Not treated like a fair human being"

Former Employee - Claims Specialist says

"No loyalty from the company to its employees"

Former Employee - Claims Representative says

"the management, your are micromanaged and it is far"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Toxic management, micromanaging, toxic environment, awful customers, literally hired anyone off the street"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Bad boss With strong control and pressure"

Current Employee - Claims Specialist says

"Modern day slavery with a corporate environment!"

Current Employee - Proximity Claims Specialist says

"Toxic work environment Unmanageable work load Upper management does not listen or care Excessive stress No work life balance"

Former Employee - Team Member says

"Mind-numbing Work. Demotivating. Micro-management. Harassment and belittlement."

Former Employee - Claim Specialist says

"Poor training, lack of support from leadership"

Current Employee - Claim Specialist says

"Call center environment, no advancement opportunities"

Agent Team Member (Former Employee) says

"YAMA EBRAT was a horrible boss who is only doing the job for the money. He disrespects clients and employees and treat you like you aren't capable of doing the jobnoneno breaks, excessive workload"

Receiptionist/Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was one of my worst jobs but it honestly depends on which agent you are working for. Because State Farm has individual agents you work under, each agent is different. I'm not allowed to say the name of the agent I worked for. I was hired as a "receptionist" but since I was a good worker my boss quickly started giving me more work to do that was outside of my job description. I was paid only $10 and hour and he had me daily doing the same work that his assistant manager was doing and she was paid twice as much as me. He wanted me to come in early and leave later without being paid for that time. He micromanaged us yet didn't know the answer to most questions you would ask him. He didn't care about us as people, to the point where if we had a family emergency or had to call off for being sick he would make us feel bad. Overall one of my worst jobs ever. NothingEverything"

Insurance (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work is horrible. Learned nothing. Management is horrendous. Culture is abusive. The job is not hard, the Company makes things hard. There is nothing enjoyable about the job. It's just a job for money. Nothing more to say."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I started working with state farm last year with no experience at all. Upon getting hired things at the office seemed to be very up lifting and a very comfortable environment to work in. After a couple months of working there, the managers started acting very different as well as the agent. Mangers were very money hungry and unwilling to give any type of training and had no type of patients with employees or the customers. The agent I worked for was rudely unprofessional and a very toxic person over all. There were many occasions when illegal actions were preformed in the office.There was no sense of communication nor organization. All they did was tell you what you want to hear. I would not recommend working for a State Farm Agents Office.NoneOver worked with little pay"

Underwriting Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very horrible toxic work environment. The only good thing was going home at the end of the day. Management sucks and will not help you at all and you get fired for stupid stuff. It needs to be a open Investigtion at the state farm in Richardson in the underwriting dept because what they are doing is not right at all.Lunch, Breaks, Going homeEverything"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The agent I worked for never gave anything a chance, she changed it up every month. Commission was a joke, she always found a way around it! Then when she couldn’t afford to pay employees anymore, she would fire them. Always hiring just to pay the minimum, instead of keeping people around who know how to operate the business on a daily basis."

Licensed Auto Claims Associate (Former Employee) says

"High stress, no life job. You are just a number. Too much work load for what they pay you. Very strict ball and chain to you desk. Negative job....... All calls are negative...brings you down.NoneEverything"

Insurance Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I did not receive the proper training. I feel like the insurance Takes advantage of there policy holders. My training was very unprofessional in the office, Felt as though the girl who was helping me didn’t care if I learned anything or not. She was better at communicating with The other coworkers. I am a team player and want to work for a Company that cares about their employees and customers."

Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would involve completing as many forms available for that day. Not having enough forms to complete within a day. Thankfully they had onsite programs to allow for individual growth. Management doesn't have people skills. They don't allow the front-line workers to contribute real ideas to common problems. Bullying, retaliation, and discrimination, is apart of the workplace culture. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the behaviors of management that allowed bullying, retaliation, and discrimination. I enjoyed being around the people. They cared about doing there jobs right. Would offer assistance and help when asked. Who all needed fair wages, health benefits and time off. Some were working more than one job to make ends meet.Onsite programs, potential raisewages, benefits"

Claims (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management, not a family flexible company, has so much favoritism, horrible training. They create new things and don’t teach you how to do them, do not pay enough for the work you have to do. Do not recommend."

Sales, Advising, Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Never work here. They will violate almost every ethical code in insurance. There are plenty of other insurance companies that will treat you better and have better benefits."

Insurance Sales and Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Watch who you work for. If employees in sales are not monitored, you get to fix all of their problems. Seems like all they want to do is sell and never talk to the customer again in one location. It may be different with another agent."

Account Manager, Bank Representative, Raleigh (Former Employee) says

"The owner agent I worked for was terrible. Seriously one of the worst jobs I ever had. She cons you inti believing you can make money. Refused to give us anything but 5 year old leads and expected 60 hr weeks but complained we worked over time."

Auto ILR Claims Atlanta,Ga (Current Employee) says

"Hired in the department did the training remotely the trainer did what I call speed training. They where also extremely rude.SF set us up for failure!"

Claims Specialist, Account Manager & Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Cold calling is all i can say. I hated this position. I was led to believe cold calling would not be a part of this position. They expected me sit on the phone all day and call random people and get yelled at."

Agency Owner & Producer (Former Employee) says

"Too much work and investment for too little return and risk. Money sounds good upfront, but you will lose your shirt in the first few years, if you make it past there year one threshold/evaluation. You are never truly independent, as their sales leaders hound you and your staff day in and day out for increased production. Awful company.."

Owner (Former Employee) says

"An extremely unfair and unpleasant experience. Horrible culture with unfair practices regarding who does and does not get a permanent contract. Poor leadership and training teams."

Catastrophe Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"No career advancement. No support for going back to school. No place for your kids to go while you work. Pay is low. Hours are long. Work is monotonous. Benefits are expensive. Standing out for all the right reasons can (and will) get you fired. First level leadership is unqualified. Expectations are unrealistic. Overall, if there is nothing else to do, go find something else."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you are an agent then you will love this job and make great money. If that is your goal then by all means, get an entry lever job at any office. Every other employee is a bottom line. No loyalty or appreciation."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"this company is a ship with a broken rudder manamgent has taken over when an agent did better the company is failing the policyholders by handling too much. the agent was so much better."

Karyn says

"I would like to give less than 1 star-but this platform will not allow it. We have been a 30+ customer with this insurance company with zero claims. We stuck with this company for who knows why? We paid our bills on time and continued to renew our policies -no questions asked. We recently purchased a 2nd property and added that property. Shortly after escrow closed, our tenants noticed a leak from the refrigerator. We did have a home warranty ( which was great and covered the refrigerator) However, I can’t say the same about our so called homeowners insurance. Not only will they not cover any damage done to the floors, cabinets walls etc, for a zero paid “claim”... our rates have tripled and our deductible has gone from a prior $500 to a $5000 for the next 3 years!!! And that’s with all my insurance policies!!! This is with any and all insurance companies I decide to sign with... We now are considered “high risk!!” All for a zero dollar claim... UNBELIEVABLE!!! I could accept okay State Farm paid $50,000 to repair my house...They didn’t pay a stinking dime!!! What a racket! No wonder there’s so much fraud out there. You bring it all on yourselves."

Android Android says

"Had a clear incident with a bathroom leak. The TOP bathroom's toilet was leaking UNDER the seal, so the floor started to soak. Then, the floor collapsed, which was the ceiling of the bottom bathroom. Total damages: about $1,200. Of which SF will not pay ONE CENT. Because in their clauses they specifically will not cover these type of events. Sure, it is in writing. But how come they do not cover this? Is it the owner's fault? What is the difference between a hidden item causing a fault or some other fortuitous event? As per their clause: "seepage or leakage of water, steam, or sewage that occurs or develops over a period of time". So, if you do not cover for things that happen over a period of time, then what good is the coverage for? That is basically the definition of INSURANCE: coverage for events that will happen, over a period of time. So, just remember. They are really not there. Maybe for Chris Paul when he gets a deer in his garage, but for us regular folks, they are no good neighbors. Even if the thing was in writing."

Originalgyp0 says

"I have had my home, vehicles and personal property insured through state farm for 15yrs. I should have caught their very poor service when I put a claim in for roof damage after a storm. The cost was around $4,000, I can't remember exact numbers as it was along time ago and state farm gave me $1,300 so I ended up paying the difference myself. Recently I had $12,000 of personal property stolen. State farm gave me $3,200. How do you replace $12,000 worth of powertools with $3,200. I ended up losing a lot of work because I didnt have the money to buy what I needed to keep working. This company is an absolute disgrace and are ripping people off."

David M ZeBell says

"got stuck with agent named Eric Kwiatkowski. he came by and took application for Life Insurance and he falsified the application. therefore, the policy was approved. I gave him the correct answer right in front of my security camera, but he lied anyway. I have told him several times that I did not want a policy based on a lie but he ignores me. trying to change to different agent for remaining policies." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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